Deep Breath – Starting A New Blog

11118889_10153772716005031_938995365_n2Hi! I’m Paige! I am a young mommy of a 3 year old daughter, a soon to be wife, housewife by description, and a creative person who wants to share her experiences and ideas with you!

This is my first entry. The thing is, however, this is not my first blog post. This is not my first time writing. This is not my first blog. None of this is new to me, but this is a first for me. Not that writing is new to me, or attempting to make a blog. No what is new to me and why this is my first REAL entry, is that this is what I want to stick with. Writing something with the complete intent of bringing it to the public eye, that is new for me.

I have blogs, story prompts, journals, all filled with entries. None of which I purposely show people. The closest I have is a small blog on another site that I hardly ever post on. Why don’t I post on it? Well for one, it gets no interaction. I thought I would take a baby step into blogging by making a blog on a site that I purposely knew wouldn’t have any followers or comments or subscribers for one reason.

What if no one likes me?

In a world where everyone is ridiculed and judged, everything that is put onto the internet is scrutinized under a microscope so intently. That is scary! If I made a blog that was purposely trying to get online traffic, what if no one likes me? That would be like no one liking my thoughts and ideas.

I am a young mommy, a soon to be wife, housewife by description, and a creative person who wants to share her experiences and ideas with others. But what if no one likes my blog? To me, my writing, whatever it may be; blog entries, recipes, DIY craft, mommy rantings, girl-ish life nonsense, if no one liked it then wouldn’t that mean they just don’t like me?

The Internet is high school all over again!

I have to have the look, my blog site has to have the appearance and appeal of popular masses. It has to be trendy, it has to be cool but classy, it has to have the right kind of entries and the right kind of thoughts, I have to say the right things and write the right things. Here’s a secret though, I didn’t fit in when I was in high school. Gasp! If I couldn’t then, how can I make a blog worth reading.

Some people just blog whatever it is that comes to their mind with no real intention then making money or being popular. That’s not what I really want. Yes I would LOVE to have a popular blog and people enjoy my ideas and we discuss things and I build a community based around all our similar interests and thoughts and ideas. Not to mention I would love to get PAID for that! That right there is a dream come true! Write down my own thoughts and make money from it??? Yes please!

But really, that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about expressing myself. It’s about opening doors for myself and my family. It’s about not hiding everything I want to share with people in closed journals or untouched documents in a private folder on my computer. It’s about feeling good about myself about being open and seeing where it goes. If, by some miracle, this goes somewhere. Great! But if it doesn’t, then at least I can say that I tried and I wont give up because I was too nervous about sticking to something.

So without further adieu, take a deep breath with me, and let’s plunge into this blog! Blog logo


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