Woman Cave – Office Studio



I know what you’re thinking, Woman Cave? Like a Man Cave? Yes! Exactly like a man cave, well, no not really, but yes!

I do a lot of hands-on, do-it-yourself crafting, including this blog which I am determined to get going, writing, painting, and I own a small business selling jewelry. However, I don’t have any form of organization or room to do any of it. I have boxes and bags just scattered throughout the house in corners, pulling them out every now and then to work in a crazy environment and then stop for a while, months even maybe. I need a place I can relax and focus and put all my energy into one area that is all mine. A studio where I can do all those things alone.

I need an area that I can “get away” to and not worry about all the house chores or who is yelling at who or constantly hear “Mommy what are you doing? Can I help Mommy? Oh what’s that Mommy?” which is cute and all, but when it gets to the point of interrupting and eventually I give up all together, it’s less than progressive. Like right now for example, I’m sitting in my kitchen, at my kitchen table, two of my cats are staring at me, trying to sit on my laptop, wondering why I’m not feeding them or giving them attention, and my four-year-old is in the living room with a movie on and a gaming system in front of her, just so I can have peace of mind about just THINKING of making a studio, so I can have a few moments to myself and type this post.

Now that we have established the WHY I want [need] this room, let’s get to the WHAT type of room I want.

Pinterest is my best friend. Pinterest is the one I go to and share all my ideas with, gather information from, spend quality time over a glass of wine and ponder DIY ideas for hours with. Naturally I started there, when I realized, I’m not even sure what I want.

So without looking at a thousand fancy pictures, I’m sitting here, and thinking of what I want. (And then I’ll find the pictures!)


I need a clean room. Something that matches anything and at any moment I can bring in random miscelanious items and it just be the right touch. White walls, neutral walls, neutral colors.

PicMonkey Collage

I need shelves. Not shelves on the walls but I think I want furniture as my shelves. So I can move them easily if I need to do some feng shui for a muse.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

I want furniture. A couch or futon preferably, Neutral colored. Sometimes I get very stressed out and need a nap, or maybe I simply would like to curl up with a cozy blanket and good book that perhaps is sitting on my new shelves. (edit. yes I did find a picture of a hammock indoors! why not?)

PicMonkey Collage3

I need a desk that can both function as a sewing desk and a computer desk. Luckily I just got my new laptop and can carry it around and put it on the desk where ever it need be.

PicMonkey Collage4.jpg

I need a room that is both relaxing and inspiring. My first thoughts that are inspiring are coffee shops. I love sitting in coffee shops and when I watch some other people sitting, diligently working on their laptops, writing in journals, or studying, that’s the type of environment I want to work in. You can almost feel the inspirational vibes flowing through the atmosphere.

So what is going to make my office have that feel? I’m thinking it needs to be cozy. A fuzzy carpet, cool paintings on the wall [possibly painted by me] music system somewhere, cool coasters for my tea/coffee (can’t have a coffee house feel without the hot beverages!), and I’m thinking a mix of miscellaneous eclectic furniture. Furniture that is somewhere between modern and thrift store. Mismatching woods or painted wood and black. I’m definitely going to need a good ambiance, and although I’m already a bit of a candle hoarder, I need more for this room! Maybe even a candle in a lantern or two. Lamps would be good too as I don’t have any overhead lighting in this house….

PicMonkey Collage5.jpg

I think I want an Inspiration wall, like a giant whiteboard or corkboard. I can write out what projects I’m supposed to be working on, post new ideas I want to do, possibly even give myself deadlines to work towards (and so I don’t just give up half way).

PicMonkey Collage6

This sounds good and all, but wait until I actually show you what the room I’m working with currently looks like. It’s a disaster! But the progression on that room will have to wait for another day.

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