Pregnancy Announcements


As I stated in my last post, we’re pregnant for a second time! I am now 24th week, (6th month for those who don’t speak pregnancy) and am due in early February/end of January. Due date is a little sketchy…but sometime within that week of the last day of January to the beginning of February, there should be a baby! We, of course, are insanely excited. There is a significant amount of courageous excitement this time as opposed to terrifying nervous excitement that happened the first time around. The first time around, were both only 18 when I found out I was pregnant, SO this time I’m feeling a little more prepared for what’s about to happen.

Now, since I’m crazy excited about this pregnancy, so excited we actually started trying before our wedding last December (2015), I started making pregnancy announcements the exact moment I had a positive pregnancy test. We told our parents first, of course the grandparent’s needed to know before all else! For my hubs parent’s we had our daughter announce it to them. We had just explained it to her that day as well, and she was super excited. She was so excited that the moment she saw them we gave her permission to run up to them, her arms flung open, and she just let out the loudest “MY MOMMY IS HAVING A BABY IN HER BELLY!”

For my parents, we waited until we were able to sit down and have dinner with them. I had bought a tiny pair of fuzzy slipper socks, newborn size, stuffed them in a tiny box with a note that read

Bowties or Bows

No one will know!

Coming 2017


It did take her a minute to figure it out, which I thought was hilarious. It went from an “aww” to a sudden squeal of realization. Same with my dad… From a “hey..” to a “HEY!” This was so fun I decided to do the same with everyone else online.

I spent a good while going through multiple ideas. PINTEREST, you are a wonder when it comes to baby announcements. There were some pretty good contenders, and some really, REALLY awful ones. I don’t think a picture of a woman hovering over a toilet with a caption reading “It’s not a hangover this time” is exactly cute….

These were some of my favorite ideas…


Big Sister being the star

“And then there were four”

Bun in the oven

Poppin Bottles

Brownies because pregnancy hunger…

Most adorable shoe collection

Ornament family of all sorts

But in the end, we decided to go with our daughter and a simple sign…and the best child reaction ever!


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