30 Days of Thankfulness

I started doing this “30 Days of Thankfulness” challenge this month. On day one it started getting personal. Now I am on day three and haven’t shared any of my thankful notes. I just need a little more courage to share them publicly, because they did turn a little personal.

Maybe it’s because I’m slightly more hormonal now (thanks baby G) or perhaps maybe I do just need to learn to be a little more grateful lately. Life starts to really take a toll on you, everything kind of starts to feel strenuous and difficult. It happens, everyone gets swept up in life and it gets hard to remember to give value to all the little things in your life.

That’s what happened lately, I think. I have been stressed out with the home, being pregnant, preparing for baby G, Hubs working late, late days, thinking about the whole holiday season quickly approaching… Many things to just get swept up in.

Now I’m thankful for this challenge! It gets me to stop and think about the things I seem to have passed over on a daily basis. And I strongly encourage you to partake in this challenge, or another one of your own. There are multiple ones out there. Find one that is good for you. It’s nice to remind yourself of the good things in life, things to have gratitude for, rather than always focusing on the negatives that are happening and dwelling on them.


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