Effort – Thankfulness Day Two

Effort. The funny thing is I am going to have to put effort into this post and at this current moment, it’s not something easily done. My head is scrambled lately and in a completely different plane. I am completely not focused.

I have started my pregnancy nesting stage. I am quite amazed that nesting is actually a thing. I suppose I didn’t go into much of a nesting stage with my first because, well, I was eighteen/nineteen and was, more or less, in a state of shock the entire time. I was also still with my parents and sharing a room with the not-quite-yet Hubs, and a new baby, so there wasn’t much prep work I could have gotten done. I do remember washing all her laundry multiple times beforehand, but that might have just been from excitement too.

This time however, we have our own home, there is an actual separate bedroom for a nursery, I have an entire house to prep for Baby G. The problem is that I am only 26 weeks, and this nesting business has gotten me in such a stir that I can’t focus on one project at a time. There is SO much to get done to prepare the spare bedroom into a nursery (right now it’s an unused storage room that’s slightly falling apart). I can’t focus on anything to do with that room until we replace the carpet, fix the bedroom door falling apart, probably from having to kick it in or shove it to open the door, get some kind of overhead lighting, and just little overall maintenance to the room… so all of my focus is elsewhere.

I have spent the last two days vacuuming the carpet in the living room SIX times, have washed and put away more laundry in one week than I normally get done in a month, mopped the kitchen once every day, cleaned and/or dusted strange corners of the house that I have never thought to clean before. I even took the time to sit and organize various compartments of Em’s toys and multiple toy boxes. I am putting more effort into just having a clean house than I ever have before.

Is this something to be thankful for? Well yes I suppose it is.

While I am technically still supposed to take it easy, and I am LARGE this far along in my pregnancy, I am thankful I still have the energy and capability to put effort into anything right now. There are days where I can do nothing but sit on the couch in a half laying – half sitting position that is the only way to keep from feeling very miserable that day. Luckily those days are few and for the last week I have been able to get up and move around the house. I am thankful I can put effort into my home responsibilities.

Even if I wasn’t uncomfortably pregnant, I am thankful I have the mobility and capability of being just being an able person. Even though doing certain tasks and work seems, at the time, tiring and potentially problematic, eventually we put effort into whatever it is we do. The more effort we put into something, the more we appreciate it. If we put a ton of effort into a project or job, we feel so much more accomplished about it, and we are proud of not only the job, but ourselves for working hard.

Em has learned the value of effort recently as well. This is the first year she is being graded and receiving marks on her papers. She has always loved to learn, and loves doing school work more than playing – or she plays school and has me make her papers to do. She has always been in the top of all her classes, has always been the brightest in her class, and has always had her mind open for learning more. She has never received a bad mark…until last month. She got a sad face on a piece of work that she scribbled through because she said she was in a hurry.

She was distraught. I assume she never knew it was possible to get bad marks because she never has before. When she received this mark, she said she wanted to fix it, that she will never scribble again. And she has held true to that promise. I have always admired how much effort she put into learning, it’s one of those proud moments that a parent can’t really describe, but I have never not been proud of this little girl. Now that she understands the importance of true effort, she always tries her best. She knows if she doesn’t try hard then her marks won’t be as good as if she had worked harder. She has learned to be proud of her own effort. Effort, hard work, determination in a struggling situation is something everyone should be thankful for, because the outcome is always great.

My husband has undeniably shown me that recently. He has been at his new job for two years and some change now, and this is the first time I have ever seen him work with such effort. He enjoys what he does, and he has gained several promotional spaces in the short amount of time he has been there because of the time and effort he has put into this job.

I am indebtedly thankful for the effort he puts into his job, regardless. Seeing how hard he works, knowing how much effort he puts into his strenuous job every single day, watching the obnoxiously long hours he works (fifteen hours yesterday in case you were wondering), I am thankful. I know he does it for us. We are the reason behind how much effort he puts in daily. When he wakes up while it’s still dark outside, and doesn’t get home until it’s dark outside again, I know he is putting in all his effort to provide the best life he can for us at home. He works hard all day long so that I can be here working hard to take care of everyone.

I am thankful for a reason to put effort into our home. I put so much of myself into taking care of our home, giving my family a clean and comfortable home to have. I put effort into making sure they are well fed every day for every meal. I put effort into keeping the home running and not falling into chaos and stress. I am proud of the jobs I do, because of how much effort I willingly put into it.


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