Hello December and Our First Wedding Anniversary

HERE IT IS! My favorite time of the year! I cannot explain to you in words that would describe my deep adoration towards everything about December. My agenda for doing all things Christmas and winter is continuously growing. Not to mention our first wedding anniversary is in three days, our 6th year anniversary, and my birthday is in five days! All my favorite things are all coming up next week!
Also, this little dude reappeared yesterday, smiling and clearly ready to create some mayhem this year too.

It also reminds me that I have no birthday plans what so ever for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE! I think I’m having a quarter life crisis about this birthday, so I haven’t really felt like planning anything. Hubs also works all weekend. Every weekend in December – therefore I can’t really plan anything. I also can’t plan anything for our anniversary. How lovely that our anniversary falls on a Monday.

How we will be spending our first anniversary – Sending the child off to school, going to my brothers tutoring session, taking care of pets, cleaning house, getting laundry done, doing homework with the child, a fairly average everyday schedule. I was very, VERY, depressed about this at first. Our anniversary plans started out by planning out what we were originally going to do for a honeymoon, but alas those plans didn’t happen either. Then the anniversary plans kept getting smaller, and smaller, until the blunt reality that we just won’t be able to plan anything this year.

But the more I have to think about it, the more I suppose it’s fitting. We have already spent six years together. Six years of living together, taking care of our family together, living…this life…together. We haven’t had an actual get-away romantic weekend whatnot since we first started dating, and I was two months pregnant. The most we’ve done for ourselves as a couple since then was get married on our 5th anniversary. THAT was pretty darn romantic if you ask me.

We married each other to do exactly this for the rest of our lives. We chose to have the normal in and out days of life with each other. And the reason it has worked so well is because we don’t need special get-away weekends. Even though it would be wonderful to have those type of date nights, we don’t really need them. We make every day with each other special. And that sounds totally cheesy and unrealistic, but that’s just how it works for us. I don’t mean he is always bringing me a bouquet of roses and I’m cooking him steaks every night while he massages my feet. I just mean we have special moments every day, solely to remind each other how much we appreciate and love each other.

Of course there are the hard days, the days where we are just tired, or stressed out and need a break. But never a break from each other. Every day, no matter what, we always laugh, we always smile, we always joke around and pay with each other. We hug, kiss, say I love you, just enough to know we mean it. Just enough to know that every day, every moment that we chose to be together is special.

Yes, it’s going to be our first anniversary, but we don’t need all the bling and fireworks to make it special. It’s already special because we spent yet another year perfectly happy together doing the simplest of simple together. We are happy just living a normal simple life together. THAT is something special. The rest is just extra.

Happy December