First Post of the New Year

It’s been awhile since anything was posted to this blog. Reality and life kind of set in and there seemed to be one issue occurring after another, leaving me in a frantic “I can’t get my life back on track” sensation lately.

Before this moment, I actually couldn’t think of what the last post I even attempted was. There was a list of posts I was planning on writing out, but with everything that’s been going on in the last month, I simply just did not have the mental energy or physical time to sit down and do them.

Christmas was hectic. Norovirus has ran rapid through our family, starting with our 5 year old, and anyone who has had this year’s winter bug, ….it’s painful. I currently am trying to overcome my turn of it after six days. The pain is absolutely the worst part of it and the more I think about it, the more I feel horrible and upset that my little girl had to go a week of being in this pain, and I couldn’t do more for her when she had it. I feel awful knowing she was going through what I’m going through now.

Christmas Eve I was in the hospital for contractions that lasted all day long. By 8pm that night Em was being dropped off with my parents and I was being checked into the hospital. NOT how any mom wants to spend their Christmas Eve. I have a tradition of wrapping all Em’s presents after putting her to bed and watching It’s A Wonderful Life all night. Well this year was very different. Luckily the problem was simple, my fluid levels were intensely low, making me contract. So after a ton of IV fluids were pumped into me, I was cleared to go. It was definitely hard being away for Christmas Eve night, and after the awful day we had from Em not being able to participate in Christmas Eve due to her belly pains, I had a good cry that night. But of course if I hadn’t gone to the hospital, I would have gone into active labor and even more problems would have happened from having the baby too soon.

Besides this awful bug, I’ve also just been an emotional wreck lately. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, and up until last week, our nursery was still a storage room. We spent the entire week after Christmas cleaning out the room and buying furniture for it. It’s still not perfect, walls aren’t painted and the door needs replacing, it’s nowhere near the Pinterest perfect nursery I’ve been dreaming of. But it’s cleaned out, and made into a very nice, simple nursery that puts my mind at a comforting ease. We finally have all the baby gear we need, all the baby furniture. I’m sure there are going to be more things we will need to pick up here and there after baby boy is here, but all I can say is THANK THE HEAVENS the majority of it is done.

The amount of stress that this relieves is astronomical and I feel like I can breathe and focus on everything else that is going on around me now.

Except now I’m just waiting out this bug, so I can get all the Christmas stuff down and put the past few weeks behind me. My nesting is picking up a lot again, mostly because I’ve been preoccupied and slightly neglected regular housework, but being sick for six days straight and can’t get off the couch has put a major hold on what I’m capable of doing around the house. All I can think about now is wanting the Christmas stuff put away, the house being straightened up, and everything being neat and tidy and ready to go for when the baby comes.

Of course, I just hit 36 weeks, so I should theoretically have a few more weeks to go to get my house in order enough to meet my obnoxiously clean standards. But it’s down to the final count, the final minutes, the finish line is in sight. It’s making me go crazy!


Baby Preparation List – Third Trimester Update

Third trimester update

Pregnancy Checklist

Well this is it! The home stretch! The third trimester is here! As of today, I am in my 30th week. By this time, the wee baby should be around 17 inches long, and should weigh close to or slightly more than three pounds. Roughly the size of a squash you can find in your produce store..which does not seem so wee-sized when it’s taking up all the room inside your abdomen!

I’ve decided to use this time to make a general checklist of everything I need to do/get done within the next 10 weeks, and to just update on my current goings on at 30 weeks.

Starting this list off – by this time, if you are pregnant, you should definitely have had the ultrasound that will determine the baby’s gender, if you choose to know or to wait. Waiting seems to be a trend that is growing in popularity lately, especially for first time moms I’ve noticed. We chose to know what our baby was, so I had mine done at 24 weeks. Even though waiting would be a great surprise, finding out makes buying and preparing SO much easier. Easy is always nice.

That being said, since I haven’t announced it yet….


And we are ecstatic! We were hoping for a boy this time, but the J-man hubs kept teasing, saying I was going to jinx it if I kept talking about wanting a boy. Of course, we would have been happy with either, but a boy would have been a new experience, and J-man hubs said he was feeling a little surrounded by too much estrogen in the house. Growing up with a sister, me, and a daughter, a boy in his life seemed well deserved.

Having knowing what it is, planning a baby shower was a lot easier. It seems to be the norm to wait generally after 30 weeks to have a baby shower, but I had mine the first weekend of November (I will share details too!)

I highly recommend having an earlier baby shower. At some point, you will be in the large, uncomfortable, don’t want to get up and move stage. Having a baby shower before then would mean being able to actually get up and interact with everyone without being tired and uncomfortable. Also, my biggest reason for having an early shower was because it still gives me several weeks to finish getting everything together and getting the remainder of the baby gear and nursery together.

We have YET to start the baby nursery at all…seriously slacking in that department. However, I would like to share the rest of my Baby To – Do list with you. Not that everything on the list needs to get done, but it does help kind of set goals for yourself for big things that need thought put into them