October Bucket List

It’s my favorite time of year again. Between now and January is the never ending spur of holidays. My house was already decorated for Fall the second week of September, so of course I’m completely ready for this October Bucket List. As I’m writing about what to do this Fall with the windows open letting the deliciously crisp air blow through, I’m munching on pumpkin spiced chocolate pretzels, drinking hot spiced tea, with a lovely apple spice candle burning away in front of me. I think it’s also safe to assume I’ve adorned myself in the seasonal flare of a bright red flannel. Yes. This is the start of the time of year I shine most. WAIT until you see me around Christmas!

I haven’t announced it here yet, but I am PREGNANT!

Yay, hurray, wowee! Except…I’ve been on bedrest until further notice. So I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like to this Fall so far. But as I’m sitting here today, counting down the exact minutes until little baby #2 pops out and I can move around like a normal human being again, I made a list of all the things I want to (some I wish I could) do this October before Halloween! The best thing about this list is they are all relatively family friendly, so even if I can’t participate myself, I can watch my family have fun for me, and they don’t all apply to Halloween, but could be done between September through November.  I also encourage you to make a list that suits your family best!

October Bucket List

·         Make apple cider

·         Go apple picking

·         Eat candy corn

·         Bake a pie

·         Visit a corn maze

·         Make fall shaped sugar cookies

·         Read a scary book

·         Go to an antique show

·         Make a fall scrapbook

·         Have a caramel coffee

·         Make a “thankful” list

·         Flavored popcorn movie night

·         Go pumpkin picking in a pumpkin patch

·         Create a leaf craft

·         Decorate with dried corn

·         Buy Halloween candy

·         Tell ghost stories with friends

·         Make spider cupcakes

·         Paint mini pumpkins

·         Make a fall bucket list

·         Host a DIY costume contest

·         Go out to a local tea shop

·         Create a new pumpkin recipe

·         Jump in a leaf pile

·         Make a DIY leaf wreath

·         Watch classic monster movies

·         Collect colorful leaves

·         Make and eat caramel apples

·         Go on a hay ride

·         Have a “Thriller” dance party

·         Visit a haunted house or ghost trail

·         Make a Halloween music playlist

·         Decorate the house inside and out

·         Make warm comfort soup from scratch

·         Make a scary scene

·         Host a Halloween party

·         Visit a corn maze

·         Watch a football game

·         Take a cool morning bike ride

·         Roast marshmallows

·         Go hiking in a Fall setting

·         Downsize summer clothes

·         Make popcorn balls

·         Bake with fresh pumpkin

·         Have a bobbing for apples contest

·         Make caramel smoothies

·         Make a kids DIY fleece blanket

·         Make pumpkin dip

·         Go on a fall nature trail

·         Visit a farm

·         Stuff a scarecrow

·         Drive through the countryside

·         Make cinnamon dough

·         Backyard camping

·         Pony rides and horseback riding

·         Make trail mix with candy corn

·         Rake up a leaf pile in the back yard

·         Have a bonfire party

·         Lay under the stars with cozy blankets

·         Watch family Halloween movies

·         Wake up with spiced tea

·         Bake an apple pie

·         Carve pumpkins

·         Have a scary movie marathon

·         Eat Frankenberry and friends cereal

·         Roast different flavored pumpkin seeds

·         Get face painted/paint someones face

·         Make fall centerpieces

·         Wear flannel shirts

·         Go to local festivals and fairs

·         Play Halloween tricks



Have some spooky fun!